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Compression Tester

This ergonomic Compression Tester Machine is used to determine compressive force enduring capacity of concrete, cement and metal objects. This equipment is completely safeguarded against over voltage, power overload and over current. Hydraulic loading section of this machine allows its operator to adjust its operating speed. The operator can view its working speed, load testing data and peak value on it digital display screen. The non automatic screw of this machine is used for modifying its test space. This Compression Tester Machine is offered with standard accessories like compression plate, load frame, digital meter and oil pressure sensor. Control section of this equipment contains latest software, sensor and servo valve. Energy efficient operation, precise data processing arrangement and accurate dimension are its main attributes.


1) Operating speed of this machine is adjustable.
2) Software controlled mechanism ensures about its high accuracy level.
3) Fast data processing capacity.
4) Space saving structure.